Stone-made Home Decor Ideas for Fall Season

Stone-made Home Decor Ideas for Fall SeasonStone is one of the most popular materials for home decor, especially during fall season. It gives a sense of nature and rustic, yet beautiful ambience to a house. You can also easily create this type of decor by yourself. In this article we will give some suggestions about stone-made home decor for fall season.

Here are some of stone-made home decor that can add different ambience to your house without spending too much money.

  • Tabletop from river stone: a tabletop from river stone can be the best choice for additional accent in your living room. This great decoration piece will not only give you a natural feeling, but also can be a good conversation starter with your guests. You can create this piece by your own, it is actually not that hard. Make sure to select flatter stones and rocks to ease the process. You can use it not only on the table in the living room, but also other tables in your house.
  • Storage for makeup brush: women use many types of brushes for their makeup. Using stones based storage to keep your brushes tidy can be a good idea. It does not only provide functionality but also decorative purpose in your bedroom or bathroom. Find a round or square vase from glass and add several tiny river stones and rocks. This brush storage will surely become the focal point of your simple room. Conventional brush storage sometimes makes your brushes mix up with each other, which can faster damage the brushes. This type of brush storage will help the brushes to stand tall and it will not mix up with each other
  • Stone-based frame and small boxes: using stone-based accessories, such as small boxes you use for trinkets or photo frames will surely give your house a rustic ambience. You can purchase this type of decor in many home decor stores. If you want to create it by yourself, make sure to choose stones and rocks that have smooth surfaces so it will be easier to glue it to the photo frame or boxes. You can paint them if you want a more colorful look, or leave it for a more natural feeling.
  • Stone placemats: for those who want to have a different feeling while eating, you can decorate your dining table with cool stone placemats. It is usually available on home decor stores, but you can create it yourself. Additional stone runner can be added to complement these stone placemats. This type of decor is the most suitable for fall season when everyone is excited for Thanksgiving party. Stone placemats give a sense of simplicity and also enables you to add a natural ambience into your lovely house and dining room.

Those are several stone-made home decor that you can use to give natural and rustic feelings to your house. You can definitely purchase them on home decor stores if you have extra money. But for those who want to save some money, you can easily create all of them by yourself.